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-Hidden Chest Multimedia,
brand of CV. MOW KREATIFINDO Build at 2013.


A company that provides creative multimedia design, report design, animation, and CBT/e-learning for your company needs. We are expert on producing Safety Induction Animation and Safety Induction Communication Kit (poster etc.). We also expert on producing Explainer Video Animation. For further information please look up for our company profile in the link below.
What is HSE ?
Health, Safety, Enviroment

Company Need It

Every company needs sufficient knowledge and material about HSE. HSE itself is an abbreviation of Health, Safety, Environment. In HSE design, we strive to deliver an optimum and first-class services that meet your expectations. Our priority is to understand the needs of our clients, their requirements and vision. We then develop creative tactics and deliver action plans, accordingly to attain the desired results.

There are many theories about HSE information that need to be shared by HSE Management to all HR in the company, including HSE management itself. This is included in the program that must be carried out by HSE Management. This program is tailored to the level of risk of each field of work. Our expertise of design communicate this level of information with a visual. The information should not only aesthetic but also sending the right and clear message to the target audience.

Nowadays people are usually more receptive to information in visual form (pictures or videos). For this reason, several companies have begun to make HSE material more interesting so that HR can more easily understand the HSE theories to be conveyed.

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